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premium camp services with a hotel pedigree

When you stay at a North Country managed camp, you'll notice signs everywhere that our company is deeply rooted in the hospitality industry. Our president Garry Young brings more than 25 years of hotel experience to the business, something reflected throughout the standards and quality of all our operations.

You'll appreciate things like daily towel service, higher quality linens and comforters, white-glove cleanliness and unsurpassed janitorial standards. We're renowned for superior meals with emphasis on fresh ingredients and cooking from scratch. And you'll rest easy knowing we pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to safety and environmental standards, including the use of eco friendly janitorial and cleaning products.

stay close to work

The industrial lodges we manage are strategically located in the Alberta Oil Sands. These premier accommodations include private rooms with bathrooms, satellite TV, superb dining facilities, recreation areas, fitness rooms, computer rooms and laundry facilities.

stay healthy

We've seen a lot of changes to the way clients perceive value since our beginning nearly a decade ago. Today, it's no longer enough to provide varied and high-quality meals and room to lounge and visit. Our clients work hard and make big sacrifices, and they depend on us to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle when away from home.

Clients want nutritious, balanced meals made from the freshest ingredients. At North Country, we deliver. Though it's never easy to achieve in a camp environment, we favour fresh produce over frozen, and our chefs are experts at designing delicious and healthful, energizing menus that have upheld mealtime as one of the great joys of staying at a North Country managed camp.

Staying fit and active has long been a major challenge in camp life, so we've focused on making it easier for our clients. Every one of the facilities we operate has an integrated, top-notch fitness facility, equipped with an inventory of well-maintained professional quality exercise equipment. Many of our clients now find it easier to stay fit with North Country than it is at home!

stay safe

North Country has an exemplary safety record and is a registered member of ISNetworld. Working on an ongoing basis with our own trainers and Client HSE personnel, North Country continuously reviews and refines our industry leading "best practices" policy. The company monitors and audits all operations against a comprehensive Safety Manual.

environmental commitment

North Country Catering is very sensitive to the impact our operations have on the environment. Wherever possible North Country uses environmental friendly products including laundry soaps and cleaning products, as well as biodegradable water bottles, garbage bags, to-go containers and coffee cups.

president's message

At North Country Catering we take great pride in having the highest standards in the industry, including food quality, cleanliness, safety practices and training, as well as professional management and staff.

All of these enable us to provide our clients with the best camp experience in the industry. We empower our employees to follow through on our commitment at every level and we take great pride in our goal of having 'no camp issues.'

A customized, problem-free stay enables our clients to focus exclusively on their core business. The result is visibly greater satisfaction, higher client job productivity and a camp experience that is more enjoyable and inviting on every level. You'll see it when you visit any of the camps we manage both in the physical environment and on the faces of people who work and stay with us.

Garry Young
North Country Catering


North Country Catering Ltd has over 12 years experience managing remote camps in Northern Alberta and is the Industry leader in Food Services. Our staff and management set high standards on camp cleanliness, while setting a homey and friendly atmosphere. We understand and respect the importance of each staff member and that they are the reason for the company's success. North Country Catering offers a completely paid benefits to all their employees, with competitive compensation package. If you are interested in applying for a position please complete the form below and attach your resume if you have one available.

We are currently search for the following positions


Reporting to the Head Housekeeper (Camp Manager in the absence of the Head Housekeeper), the Housekeeper position is a non-supervisory role, responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout North Country Catering facilities. Must have previous experience in hotels or camps. You will be required to clean bathrooms, dust, make beds etc.


General Helper

Reporting to the Chef, the General Helper position is a non-supervisory role, responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout North Country Catering facilities. May be a dishwasher, dining room attendant asked to help the second cook or clean kitchens.



Reporting to the Head Camp Attendant (Camp Manager if Head Camp Attendant not available), the Janitor position is a non-supervisory role, responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout North Country Catering facilities. Should have experience working with burnishers, floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, carpet cleaners etc.
Must have valid drivers license.


First Cook

A big part of North Country Catering is our catering and food service. The importance of a clean and well-maintained kitchen should never be underestimated. North Country Catering’s kitchen motto is “Home-made and Fresh” and pride in quality food service is a crucial. Should have their Red Seal or min 7 years industrial/camp cooking experience.


Second Cook

Reporting to the Chef, the Second Cook position is a non-supervisory role, responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout North Country Catering facilities. May be required to make sandwiches in the evening, create salads for up to 600 or short order, line cooking.


Camp Clerk

Reporting to the Camp Manager, the Clerk position is a non-supervisory role, responsible for providing customer service to clients and employees in regards to site accommodation throughout North Country Catering facilities. Must have computer experience. You will be required to check in and out clients, completing forms in excel and general office duties. Hotel Front Desk experience is an asset.


Wastewater II


A big part of North Country Catering is our cleaning and camp maintenance. The importance of a clean and well-maintained camp should never be underestimated. First impressions of any camp are made when the customer or visitor opens the door and steps inside. Even before that, as the camp is approached from the road, the general condition of the lease site and exterior of the camp are influencing the visitor’s impressions of us. Reporting to the Camp Manager, the Wastewater Tech is responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment throughout North Country Catering Wastewater facilities.



1.    Collect daily wastewater samples and get and arrange for delivery by 12:00 noon.

2.    Collect raw and treated effluent samples and arrange for delivery by 12:00 noon.

3.    Collect a daily sample for TSS and CBOD analysis at Maxxam Analytics.

4.    Keep wastewater plant and lift stations areas clean (pick up garbage, wire, wood etc.)

5.    Submit daily checks to Camp Manager and General at month’s end .

6.    Keep walkways in good order.

7.    Report Monthly to Alberta Authorities.



1.      Record all information in log book.

2.      Record and compare run times of pumps if there is discrepancies notify Camp Manager.

3.      Clean lift station in accordance with scheduled service or when deemed necessary.

4.      Untangle floats.

5.      Clean floats.

6.      Test audible visual alarm.

7.      Check manifolds and discharge lines for leaks, cracks, heat trace and bubble wrap repair as necessary.

8.      Visually inspect pump operations that means removing lid and prove that the water level is receding, just listening to the sound of a pump is not acceptable.

9.      Check lift stations every second day, this allows us to trend the station operations.

10.    Keep stations neat shore up covering material and repair box covers.

11.    Number lift stations and keep the numbers identifiable.

12.    Make sure stations are sealed to prevent odors.



1.  Record all information in log book.

2.  Record daily flows and pressures in log book.

3.  Change filters.

4.  Perform jar tests every 2 days.

5.  Clean strainers.

6.  Check blower operation, temperature and noise.

7.  Remove garbage.

8.  Wash floors, walls, pump skids and piping.

9.  Change light bulbs.

10.  Replace UV light bulbs.

11.  Clean recirculation pump impellor.

12.  Repair plumbing.

13.  Provide ideas for increased plant performances.

14.  Check tanks for short circuiting.

15.  Regulate aeration.

16.  Perform dissolved oxygen tests if unsure of the appropriate air setting.

17.  Discuss plant operations with Camp Manager.



  1. Record all information in log book as it is a legal document.
  2. Record flows.
  3. Change filters.
  4. Complete daily checks of discharge pumps, submersible pumps, floats, and composite sampler and control panels.
  5. Wash effluent tanks every 2 days.
  6. Clean sample jug and sampler supply line.
  7. Wash floors and windows.
  8. Service raw distribution pumps.
  9. Clean raw tank monthly with vac truck.



  1. Inspect discharge line for leaks and damaged bubble wrap & heat traced.
  2. Inspect drainage field area for water pooling and run off.
  3. Shore up the covering material.
  4. Notify Camp Manager of any potential break down areas.



Log books are a legal document they are to be kept neat and legible. Log books are to contain all pertinent plant information. The log book will have a minimum of time of every entry, date and signature. The book is design to aid in the operation of the plant for new and covering operators.


1.    Attend mandatory morning tool box talks you must report to Camp Manager before the meeting if unable to attend. Complete FLHA for daily tasks.

2.    Operate company equipment safely, properly and only when you have been deemed competent and signed off by the Camp Manager.

3.    Comply with all WHMIS, HACCP, and ACSA standards.

4.    Comply with all North Country Catering Services policies and procedures.

5.    Help Maintenance with regular Camp Maintenance.

6.    Any other duties as assigned by Camp Manager or Operations Manager.

Not Applicable

Not Applicable



The Wastewater Tech provides respectful and courteous service to all North Country Catering Services clients and employees. Interaction and communication with clients and employees may be carried out by telephone or in person.


Wastewater Techs are required to perform a variety of physical duties within the position. A list of general physical requirements is provided below:
• Must be able to lift, carry, push, or pull up to 50 lbs.
• Ability to climb ladders or stairs.
• Do a combination of standing, walking, squatting, kneeling or sitting.
• Ability to perform repetitive hand work, which requires full use of both hands.
• Ability to work with arms above shoulder height.


All Wastewater Techs are required to work on a rotational schedule. Hours worked will transpire during weekdays, weekends, and general holidays. This position may be required to work split shifts. Wastewater Techs generally work in a very remote location where there is limited access to and from the North Country Catering Services facility with extended travel to and from site. Travel to and from site will be provided by NORTH COUNTRY CATERING to and from Fort McMurray.  Wastewater Techs will be required to perform duties in indoor and outdoor working conditions. Wastewater Techs primarily work alone with little or no supervision.


1. Wastewater Techs must be able to operate self powered equipment, and will occasionally operate a company vehicle.
2. Wastewater Techs must have a Driver’s License and clean drivers abstract.
3. Wastewater Techs must possess good communication, interpersonal and organization skills.
4. Must possess excellent customer service skills.
5. Ability to work effectively and efficiently with little or no supervision.
6. Wastewater Techs must be in good health and physical condition to perform duties assigned.
7. Wastewater Techs must have 1 or more years experience in a related field of work, preferably the camp services environment.
8. Wastewater Techs must be fluent and literate in the English language.
9. WHMS Certification is mandatory.
10. First Aid certification is an asset.
11. CSTS (Construction Safety Training System, Fall Protection & Confined Space, Monitoring and Resue are mandatory.

12. Knowledge of all North Country Catering Services policies and procedures.



Catering Alberta north

North Country Catering started in the year 2000 managing a single 120-room camp and has since become one of the largest independent management and catering companies in Northern Alberta. Today we're responsible for managing and operating approximately 3400 rooms in the Fort McMurray area.

North Country Catering is a full service Camp management and catering company, providing superior services and quality not typically found in the camp industry.


Garry Young, President
Phone: (780) 485-1514
Fax: (780) 485-1550

Roy Mills, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (780) 485-1514
Fax: (780) 485-1550

For any inquires regarding employment opportunities, please contact:
Human Resources
Phone: (780) 485-1514
Fax: (780) 485-1550

For any inquires regarding our services, please contact:
Roy Mills, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (780) 485-1514
Fax: (780) 485-1550

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